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    Here’s the thing…Most people have never worked with a great multi-dimensional creative manager. Anyone who has will tell you what a difference it can make.

    Spending a little time with me opens new windows in your creative process. I help you and your department use your gifts, skills, and tools to reach the peaks of your full potential.


  • Sandra Eisert has worked in a broad range of venues

    Including Award winning work at:

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    ...and scores of books as well as non-profits

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    I had the pleasure of working with Sandra via our SVP Fast Pitch program where she volunteered as our photography lead in 2017. Sandra jumped right in and was the consummate team player, going above and beyond with every project on her plate. Never once did Sandra utter “can’t”, instead she constantly offered multiple ideas and suggestions of alternatives to get us to the finish line.
    Sandra’s vision helped bring to life our “Where Are They Now?” photo gallery featuring past program participants, where she served as lead designer and editor for the exhibit. Sandra also helped to prepare and train volunteer photographers and served as photo editor for our Fast Pitch marketing collateral.
    Sandra is full of personality and was a joy to work with. Her passion for storytelling and visual arts is exceptional. I hope she joins us again this year!

    – Jaimisa Gourley
    Sales Support Manager at Aegis Living

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    Sandra Eisert's ability to originate complex concepts and successfully implement them is remarkable. In working with her at MSNBC.com, I quickly realized that she intuitively knows what is important to her audience and has a special ability to get things moving quickly -- especially when there is no previous path to follow or time to waste.
    Sandra was the conceptual leader who established design standards for online news presentation before there were any. The founding design she created became the face of MSNBC.com, and the easily navigated site structure she created was its backbone. Her design continues to influence that site and many others today. Our readers wrote that they loved the way it looked and functioned.
    Our news editors praised the design for easily meeting their editorial needs, and templates based on Sandra's page designs made it possible to increase their production tenfold. Always fair, considerate, patient, and highly professional, Sandra makes difficult tasks look effortless, inspiring those who work with her to produce their best.

    – Jeannie Boag
    Technical Writer and EditorTechnical Writer and Editor

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    Sandra Eisert was born to share stories. She should be your first call when any communication challenge comes up because she energizes every project with laser focus on getting the right information in the right form to the right place at the right time.
    Sandra's brilliant communication skills percolate her story telling genius with an appropriate tone on everything she touches. Her calm demeanor makes each team member comfortable.
    Her wise counsel and penetrating insight elevate each step in the process leading to a functional product built on solid principles while exceeding expectations.
    She may seem quiet but she is also passionate about delivering the message.
    I never heard her say anything that did not ring true and prove true.
    One of the traits I love about Sandra is how she speaks her honest opinion unvarnished: never with bitterness and never with sugary zeal.

    – Jim Mendenhall
    Journalist & Editor

  • The Process

    You wanna know how to get there? This is where I come in...


    I Listen

    • You talk about your goals, questions and the tasks you need help with.

    • Businesses and NonProfits tell me that working with me even briefly has changed their careers and caused them to think about their work in different ways.

    • I help bring usable awareness of these things to you.


    I Look

    • We talk and evaluate.

    • We agree about and where you want to go.

    • I clearly discuss these things so we are both absolutely on the same page. And I give you clear steps that will help you, specifically, move forward.

    • The opportunities are endless. You have my brain, hands, eyes and ears on you and your work for a full 90 minutes. And I cover a lot of ground – quickly and thoroughly.


    We make a plan

    • One that fits you, and fits what we agreed on.

    • I do an initial complete portfolio review, looking at as much of your work as you want to show and involving a conversation for up to two hours or so for $700 – and any individual sessions or work going forward from that can be worked out depending on complexity, size, length, etc.

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    I first met Sandra Eisert many years ago when I was chair of a National Press Photographer's event in San Francisco and she was one of the featured speakers. She was a star, a brilliant inspirational speaker who was the highlight of the event.
    Since then, I've stayed in touch with Sandra and followed her career with interest. Whether at newspapers, the White House, magazines or Microsoft, Sandra has earned great respect in demanding positions. Everyone who knows Sandra will tell you she's smart, creative, focused, versatile and multi-talented across a variety of platforms and disciplines.
    I've certainly been impressed with all these traits. She's built a career of managing projects and juggling multiple demands. She's a strategic thinker, able to see further ahead than most others.
    She brings out the best in her co-workers. In addition, she's been a pioneer as her field has changed and been great at showing others the way. I enthusiastically endorse Sandra.

    – Susan Gilbert
    Residential Real Estate Broker, Windermere RE, Midtown

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    Sandra is the most fascinating woman I have ever met. Her intuitive knowledge of visual arts and journalism is unmatched. She combines super intelligence with compassion and sensitivity in a rare mix.
    Her experiences could fill volumes and I'm sure if someone tried, they could create a TV series from her life so far! She's energetic, happy, caring and always willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

    – Brad Husick
    Serial entrepreneur and startup team mentor

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    NPPA Award Winner in craft of Visual Journalism

    Sandra Eisert has broken ground — often hard ground — her entire career. She was often the first woman, or even the first person, to hold the positions that she held. After graduating from Indiana University, she was hired as a picture editor at The Courier-Journal and The Louisville Times, widely credited as the first woman to be named picture editor at a major American newspaper. Her work there would earn her NPPA’s Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year award.

    She was asked to become the first picture editor at the White House. Working with David Hume Kennerly and others in Gerald Ford’s administration, they broke from opaque Nixonian public relations practices with a deliberate shift to honest visual documentation of the American presidency. Eisert would later return to the White House as an additional picture editor during the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama...Read More

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    I worked with Sandra  on the launch of MSNBC News on the Internet. She as Senior Editor and Director of Graphics, and I was one of two lead Microsoft Program Managers. Nobody was publishing news on the Internet at that time, and the tools to do so were non-existent. 

    She came to MSNBC with impressive credentials and reputation,  I found her to be easy to work with, an energetic collaborator who learned tremendous amounts about the technical limitations and possibilities in a very short time. 
    She has the mind, experience, and ability to change the world again.


    Michael Kysar
    President of Publishing Foundations Corp.


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    For a Venture Capitalists, I was managing a multimedia historical/technology/business project for that had come to a standstill. We brought Sandra in to turn it things around, and that she did.
    We had an impossibly tight deadline but thanks to Sandra's ingenuity, vast depth of knowledge and resources as well as her amazing ability to see solutions where everyone else saw problems, we pulled it off in spades.
    I would highly recommend Sandra for any position requiring on the spot solutions, out of the box thinking and clever problem solving. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and will keep everyone on her team laughing and in good spirits as high quality work gets done on time.

    – Meline McWhirter
    Owner, Natural Numbers Bookkeeping and Chaos Management Services.

  • What others have said after working with Sandra ...

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    I met Sandra Eistert when she was brought in to manage the redesign of a major Defense Department web site that was hosted by my organization. The Department was looking for fresh new ideas. Sandra skillfully wove together a support team that was able to generate dynamic ideas for the site redesign.
    She was able to manage conflicting ideas from leadership into a cohesive vision. Her technical capability and creative “eye” made her a pleasure to work with. Sandra is focused on the task at hand and is driven to make a difference.
    Last but not least, Sandra has a great sense of humor that serves her well in building relationships and getting a team to work well together. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking for someone who can think clearly, has a strong work ethic and can maintain a sense of artistry under pressure.


    – Carlynn Thompson·
    Senior ConsultantSenior Consultant

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    “On two days’ notice, Sandra unpacked her computer and sat down at the telephones. Within five days our project was on track. By Inauguration morning, it looked to the Inaugural Committee as if we had been in production for six weeks…
    The success lay almost entirely on the capable shoulders of Ms. Eisert… One of her invaluable strengths is the ability to take a project from idea to completion and give a sense of unity to the product. Her skill at bringing stories to life has been invaluable."


    Matthew Naythons - BOOK PUBLISHER

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    She knows journalism. She knows pictures. She knows art and design. She can conjure those elements in a way that is truly special, in a way that reaches right to the heart of communication...
    I can’t say enough about Sandra’s talent for bringing the best out of people. For all of her great skills – and there are many – I can’t think of anyone, anywhere, who’s better at showing people "the way."



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    Sandra has the eye to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in any given body of work and her critiques are spot-on. She understands the way creative minds work and has the knowledge and people skills to manage creative people effectively…
    What speaks volumes is that the most sensitive and meticulous photographers we work with have respect for Sandra’s vision and trust her. She taught me how to look at a picture and judge its quality. Her organization, attention to detail, knowledge of photography, and editorial eye were a great asset to the production team."


    – Hannah Rahill


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