• As a visual image consultant I help photographers create pictures that make an impact and help you fully tell your story to the world.

  • NPPA Award Winner in craft of Visual Journalism

    Sandra Eisert has broken ground — often hard ground — her entire career. She was often the first woman, or even the first person, to hold the positions that she held. After graduating from Indiana University, she was hired as a picture editor at The Courier-Journal and The Louisville Times, widely credited as the first woman to be named picture editor at a major American newspaper. Her work there would earn her NPPA’s Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year award.

    She was asked to become the first picture editor at the White House. Working with David Hume Kennerly and others in Gerald Ford’s administration, they broke from opaque Nixonian public relations practices with a deliberate shift to honest visual documentation of the American presidency. Eisert would later return to the White House as an additional picture editor during the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama...Read More

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  • Here’s the thing…Most photographers have never worked with a great editor. Anyone who has will tell you what a difference it can make.

    Spending a little time with me opens new windows in your creative process. I help you use your gifts, skills, and tools to reach the peaks of your full potential.


  • The insightful critiques I received from Sandra Eisert had a profound impact on both my photography and my life. Unlike other critiques, Sandra addressed me as a whole person, not just a photographer. Her suggestions were spot-on and certainly helped me grow and obtain the professional success I've enjoyed.


    Charles Kogod
    The former Illustrations/Photography Director for National Geographic books:

  • Sandra Eisert is an invaluable asset for any photographer, and she was certainly one for me. Whether you are working on a book, photo story or portfolio, her advice, care, and passion will move your photography project to a higher level that can become the difference between success and failure.


    Lucian Perkins-Two-time Pulitzer winner

  • Over more than a decade, veteran photo editor Sandra Eisert has been a mentor, colleague, and now friend. When my book, "Changing The Face of Power: Women in the US Senate," needed to be designed I called Sandra. As a prominent book editor and designer, I hired her to not only to design the pages, but be a consultant on the entire project. Sandra also became one of my three main editors on the book and the 2003 Smithsonian exhibit of the work. During my past eleven years at The Washington Post as their national political staff photojournalist, I have relied on Sandra for professional insight on a constantly evolving media industry unparalleled.


    Melina Mara– The Washington Post's national political photographer

  • Consulting with Sandra

    See, hear, understand and improve your images, your stories and presentations by working with one of the best editors in the business

    We can review your portfolio,
    work on your book, Your vision,
    or on editing a body
    of work

  • The Process

    You wanna know how to get there? This is where I come in...


    I Listen

    • You talk about your goals, questions and the tasks you need help with.
    • Photographers tell me that working with me even briefly has changed their careers and caused them to think about their work in different ways.
    • I help bring usable awareness of these things to you.

    I Look

    • We talk and evaluate.
    • We agree about and where you want to go.
    • I clearly discuss these things so we are both absolutely on the same page. And I give you clear steps that will help you, specifically, move forward.
    • The opportunities are endless. You have my brain, hands, eyes and ears on you and your work for a full 90 minutes. And I cover a lot of ground – quickly and thoroughly.

    We make a plan

    • One that fits you, and fits what we agreed on.
    • I do an initial complete portfolio review, looking at as much of your work as you want to show and involving a conversation for up to two hours or so for $700 – and any individual sessions or work going forward from that can be worked out depending on complexity, size, length, etc.
  • It is rare to find a gifted editor. No one is more thoughtful and inspiring to work with than Sandra Eisert. I am grateful for her sage advice and the opportunities over the years that have followed. All photographers want someone who can find the gems in their work.

    Sandra’s abilities as an editor go far beyond that basic talent. She finds subtlety and nuance in photographs but also grasps broad concepts. She can help guide a photographer to organize their thoughts and assess priorities and build a strong project. Sandra is extraordinarily adept at helping photographers identify their strengths. She applies her intellect and focuses on clarity in a project—yet she sees limitless possibilities.

    Her professional experiences are varied in managing, designing, art directing and photo editing. She worked in award-winning newsrooms of the Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News and other newspapers. At the White House, as its first editor, she edited David Kennerly’s photographs of President Gerald Ford.

    She has coordinated, edited and designed countless books and projects. Whether a developing photographer who can use guidance to make portfolio selections or a seasoned professional who needs advice from a tough editor on a project, Sandra is caring but always honest in her assessments.


    Melissa Farlow–National Geographic photographer

  • Sandra is one of those geniuses who can gently guide others to the “aha” moment of the big picture that she has seen all along. She works with people in such a way that they rise to heights they never thought possible. She has an unparalleled facility for presenting information and graphic content in a seamless manner, enabling the reader to absorb the message effortlessly, whether the end product is a website, a book, a magazine or a business prospectus. Her talents at organizing disparate elements and cutting through the fat to get the meat of a matter have served her well in news coverage, picture editing, design, and strategic planning. More than all of that, though, she is a trailblazing woman who has an incredible ability to envision what is ahead, what is needed, and what will work.

    Mary Ann Carter
    Photographer and Editor

    She knows journalism. She knows pictures. She knows art and design. She can conjure those elements in a way that is truly special, in a way that reaches right to the heart of communication... I can’t say enough about Sandra’s talent for bringing the best out of people. For all of her great skills – and there are many – I can’t think of anyone, anywhere, who’s better at showing people "the way."


    The half-hour phone conversation we had about a story she was assigning me literally transformed me from student to pro. Given her extensive experience in every level of the process, her work with the best photographers, editors and publishers in the business, Sandra is uniquely qualified to help a major publication take the next step in visual presentation in print and on the web.


    Sandra is a premier photo editor. I first worked with Sandra when she was an editor at the White House. Sandra is one of the elite, a master, premier photo editor which exemplifies a talent in developing and producing books and photography projects. Her time at Microsoft developing products and procedures in publications were the first in its time. She has the highest integrity, is personable, extremely creative and can deliver a product under deadline pressures. I would recommend Sandra with the highest recommendation.

    –Ron Bennett
    Fine Art Stock Photographer, Photojournalist, Photo Editor


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